In mid day light

Experienced photographers know that the best time to be out in the field capturing their best images is early morning…sunrise then 2-3 hours; late afternoon…2-3 hours before sunset…then 1 hour after sunset for lovely colored sky and clouds.

But…what happens if you have to shoot during mid-day in harsh light? Is it a waste of time? Can you still get great images?

The answer is yes! You can shoot in mid day light and still get good images! Use shadows and shading to your advantage! Sometimes this means changing what you would normally 
shoot or changing the shooting style that you would normally use. 

For example, use the sunlight direction to light up a stream, which early in the morning is dark with no detail.
Also, intensify color in water to create interesting abstract images.

And yes…we may shoot in just this kind of light…you can do it!!!

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