30 Paintings in 30 Days...Day 11

Day 11 brings more experimentation. I found an impressionistic painter, Becky Joy, whose work I really enjoy. This painting was done as a paint-a-long to one of her videos. I still have sooo much to learn!!!
Painted on 8x10 canvas board.

30 Paintings in 30 Days...Days 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10

Day 6....Old Savannah Windows...
This painting was done using a photo taken in St. Augustine in the old town section. The building was part of a museum which included 9 original structures.                                      Painting was done on 8x10 board with Golden OPEN acrylics.

Day 7....Painted Waterfalls....Keyword for today....struggle!! Rocks are still my semis...tomorrow's painting I think will be a rock study...                                                                                                                               Painted on 8x10 board with Golden OPEN acrylics...

Day 8....Digitally Painted Waterfalls....After yesterday's struggle with paint I decided that I would sit down at the computer and see if I could work out some of the problems using Painter...well, at 2:30 this morning this is what I ended up with...still not perfect. I'm having a terrible time SEEING shapes...not objects!!! Practice ...Practice...Practice...                                                                                                        8x10 painted digitally with Painter...

DAY 9...Pastel Waterfalls....Again something new!!!
I've never used pan pastels...I've had them sitting around in box for a long time so today I got them out. Had really no idea of what I was doing but decided to have fun.
What I learned...I had way too many hues in mid values...not enough darks or lights :((  I thought that pastels would blend a little more than they did...had to be careful not to blend them into mud!!!  Ended up with chalk dust every where!!!
On to Day 10!!

Day 10....Absract ....Moved completely out of my comfort zone and decided to do an abstract using Cold Wax and Oil! Just played..                                                                                                                     8x10 on cradled board with oil paint and cold wax